Saturday, January 14, 2012

Extreme Sport

Welcome to winter biking.

This past weekend my friend loaned me a bike until I get one for myself, which I still need to get...perhaps this week during my personal development hours, it is definitely something that can develop your personality, ESPECIALLY this past week in Ottawa. Its been snowing a lot, and with lots of snow comes crazy roads, and its not so much the snow on the roads that worry me, but rather the cars with the snow.

Here in Ottawa it is as if the drivers don't realize anything has changed and continue to drive as if there is no snow on the ground, which makes for extreme conditions for cyclists. And yet I have never seen so many winter cyclists before! Its great to have friends on the road. Its great to look out the window while making dinner and see two, not cars, but cyclists pedaling down the road.

Cycling this past week has been an extreme sport, different from cycling any other time of the year. I suppose I have to make a mental shift too, now that the snow is here. I can't race around doing a million things. I find the cold drains me, and cycling in the winter takes a lot of energy from me. Its unfortunate since I have a long list of things I want to do, see, etc. But perhaps its good. It will force me to slow down, be flexible, and enjoy the moment. Like yesterday, it had been snowing all day, and although the bike home was a bit scary, it was beautiful once I got to my neighbourhood. The snow was all stuck on the tree branches and so many people were outside walking or shoveling. I love how the crazy weather brings the people out.

Unfortunately, yesterday my loner bike also got a flat tire, so until that flat is fixed, no slush rush for me.

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