Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Spinning Good Bye

Well, it has been quite a while since I wrote a post. The biking adventures were amazing, not always rainbows and lollypops, but still amazing. Coming to the end of such epic adventures I decided today, being a rainy sleepy day, would be the perfect time to reflect on where I am and how far I how far I have “cycled”.

So, currently in Ottawa, my life is about to change drastically from the roller coaster adventure kind to a stagnant deep roots development kind. Right now is the anxiety riding time as my life as a sapling begins to create roots, often hitting rocks instead of dirt, but that dirt is there, it just takes some time to find it. So, I am struggling right now to find the dirt. I am here, in Ottawa, because a friend and I are about to start an adventure of its own, we are opening our own café/learning center. It is called Branch Out. Currently in the “give us money…please!” stage, everything is fairly abstract which makes it sometimes hard to remain rooted and focused. But lets get back to the point…bikes.

In Ottawa biking is still my go to transpo even on rainy days such as this. Its amazing to be part of the city as you cruise through the urban-scape, finding your self in a natural paradise, then the next amongst the hustle and bustle of Bank Street. There are lots of other bikers here too, so its great to have some biker solidarity.

Before now I have spent the last year essentially in a love affair with bikes. I toured with The Otesha Project in British Columbia, then bike down to Portland and Eugene, Oregon. Then I came to Ottawa to work for Otesha (more bikes…), and biked through an Ottawa winter…AWESOME! Then I biked with Otesha AGAIN in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and took off on my own through PEI. Then I did a few short trips back in Waterloo Region, but my long distance biking has been put for rest a little bit. Bessy (my beautiful bike) was hurting me…my back got really bad and I started to develop some painful knees, so I have decided to respect where my body is at and let it recuperate. Bessy was not fit for my body either, so I am going to take some time to find a new bike that fits me like a glove.

So that’s me. I write such a long reflection, because, I think, this blog is about to come to an end. I will be starting a new blog for the café and perhaps a separate one for myself which no doubt will include biking related info, but it wont be ONLY about biking. So, I say goodbye, and if you want to be notified when the new blogs start let me know and I will get you connected!

Thanks again for reading, sticking with me through my rants and struggles!
Bike spokes and Fine Folks,

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