Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Questions and Answers

As part of my fundraisers for the Otesha bike trip I had the participants fill out different questions relating to biking and the environment. After reading them, I thought they were really inspiring and we could all learn from the answers. Enjoy (some are very entertaining!) :)

What is one easy change you can start doing to improve your relationship with the environment?

A: Start to compost, walk to work
A: Eat less dairy :)

If you could bike anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

A: On the road with other cyclists and no cars
A: British Columbia as well. I have family out west and I love hiking when we visit. A nice long bike tour would be awesome, I am jealous (of you)!
A: Spain, Ireland, Italy, (these places) have beautiful landscapes, weather, (and) Ireland is home.

A: Along the British Columbia coast...mmm mountains and ocean...need I say more?

What is your favorite form of active transportation and why?

A: My feet because I don't like to bike.

A: Walking.

In your opinion, what do we do that has the worst impact on the world? How can we change this?

A: Not realizing the effects of our actions - become more aware and connected.

A: We drive EVERYWHERE! Walking/biking (can change this), (it) builds community/relationships :)

A: My daughter would answer this question best. (What has the worst impact is us) not mind(ing) our Earth!

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