Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tired legs make it to Campbell River

Today (September 28th) we biked from Powell River to Campbell River. A ride that was only suppose to be 55km, however my partner and I made a few detours so it was more like 65 km (I'm guessing). My legs are tired, and my butt hurts, but it was a glorious ride. The scenery was amazing! With hills unfolding in the distance, fluffy clouds encircling mountain tops, and the sea calling our name. Last night was the first frost too, so although the day started off pretty chilly (we had to catch a ferry at 7:45am to the island, so we were up at....5 AM!!), it was lovely weather to bike in, nice and crisp!

Along the way, my bike partner and I also made the decision to stop in at cool looking roadside things, because whats the point in making the journey if you don't take advantage of it, and all the perks of going slow (biking vs driving) holds! So we stopped in at a farm produce stand, a sculptor who showed us his working area (in BC there are road signs to indicate whenever an artists, its pretty sweet....Ontario learn from BC!), and a road sign with my last name on it! The sculptor did really cool stuff! He designed and made fountains out of copper and old instruments, it was really neat. I doubt we would have seen him/his work if we were driving.

Our lunch was on the water, soo beautiful! We walked along the water checking out jellyfish and a crazy orange coral. It was really relaxing to just sit and eat and chat about what we want to do with our lives, what we foresee for our futures and all that jazz.

We don't have much else tonight, we may practice the play, we are currently making changes to it, but thats it. I am guessing we are all going to be pretty tired, I know my legs sure are! We have a performance tomorrow, and then another long (60 km) bikeride, and then my cooking group is also cooking dinner! Yikes!

So I am sitting at the library with my biking buddy using the internet!! yippee!! Anyways, I will end here. Thanks for listening, and following my ventures through stiff hip flexures, many sleep days, school presentations, and beautiful scenery!

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