Saturday, October 15, 2011

On Saltspring and Loving it!

We started off our day yesterday with a little bit of group drama. We woke up thinking we were heading to saltspring island, but there were a number of people not ready (due to sickness and other reasons) to leave Naniamo...which ment a long two hour meeting set in. WE need to concensus every decision we make, so that ment 2 hours of talking to decide that we would split up with 10 of us heading to the island and the other 5 coming later. Sooo...we left late, and got into town just before dark. Unfortunately town was not were we were staying so we had to lock our bikes and hitch-hike to the farm we were staying at! Adventures!

Now its saturday, and there was an amazing farmers market we went to! It was great! I really enjoy how many artists and amazingly grounded people there are. I also really love how people hang our so inter-generationally, grandparents with parents and little kids! Its pretty cool. We also went swimming in the lake, visits some stores, and had a pretty rad picnic. I have also notices how we work together so much better with 10 instead of 15 people. Its interesting how life is so much easier when there are less opinions to take into consideration. How would one ever make any decisions if you had to consider 100s of opinions? Perhaps thats why everyone never seems to be satisfied with the government?

We also went to a wine test, and now I have insane stomach cramps from something, I think its an allergic reaction, but I don't know from what. I have never had so many issues with digestion till this trip! Soo weird. Oh Im going to miss this community I have found through this tour.

We have one more day in Saltspring, then we leave monday for Duncan. And now Im going to sign off to drink some more tea.

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