Friday, December 23, 2011

Attack of the Christmas Spirit!

No I have not had a bike accident (knock on wood), its just Christmas! But don't worry, just because its starting to get cold, and there is but a dusting of snow on the ground, I keep rolling. Unfortunately, Bessy had to be put away, while Gertrude has been brought out. Gertrude is my winter bike, although she is not nearly as slick and fancy as Bessy, she is tough and rugged and ready to get dirty. Shes already facing sticky brakes and the gear shifters are freezing. I took her to Recycle Cycles (a local bike co-op in Kitchener...if you live in Kitchener you should check it out, its pretty awesome!!) and a dude said this problem is common in the winter, hence why lots of people have fixies (1 speed/gear bikes) for winter bikes. So, Gertrude it rolling, shes slow, but she does the trick!

So, now your probably wondering why I am still typing updates for this blog, considering the bike adventures are temporarily over, and the Otesha Project tour ended almost 2 months ago, well I will tell you! Adventures always seem to happen with a bike near by, and as my life continues I want to explore it with my bike and get more people to find there biking bones too! Beyond this, my Otesha experience continues and will get even more intense! This January I am moving to Ottawa for 4 months to work for the Otesha Project organizing, planning, and making the tour this coming May and June in the Maritimes AWESOME! Also, I will be going on this tour, so more excitement, drama, and angst to come!

So, stay tuned for more adventures with bikes. Sometimes there intense, sometime there humorous, and sometimes the adventures are!


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