Sunday, April 1, 2012

Busy Times on my Bike

Pedal up and pedal down, pedal all over town.

This has been my mantra the past few weeks! It has been a busy time, full of Otesha outreach events, warmer weather, long runs, rock climbing, birthday parties and other events.

I love being engaged in my community, active and busy! Its great to meet new people (and see people I already know) at events. But, this network that I am forming will be left behind (again) as I take off to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on an Otesha bike trip (again). The upside is my plans are to return to Ottawa at the end of September, so this network I will have formed will be re-united with me…yippee!

But back to the Maritimes. Yes, I am heading out to the east coast now to bike along the Bay of Fundy with an awesome crew of other volunteers. There will only be 9 of us this time, and I am excited to meet them! Our training week starts in a month and I can’t wait! However between now and then there is a lot to get done! I can’t believe its already April!

Along with April showers, April also brings Easter, CanBike training, a half marathon, finishing a business plan, fix my bike, and work and do fun things too! Wowzers! Busy!

Just wanted to give you a quick “me” update, since I have been MIA the past few weeks, sorry it couldn’t have been more bike related!

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