Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rising Tide Tour Begins

Today is my day of reflection, as Nicole (from Otesha headquarters) put it, reflection means more then the vest you wear, it is about reflecting on where we come from, where we are going and what is being obtained from our everyday experiences. If our life is not contributing to personal growth what is stopping it from contributing? I feel as though personal growth is an important part of living and having done a previous Otesha tour I am in a privileged place to see how I act and react to the experiences I am having on this tour compared to my last. How can I go into the tour with more zest, a stronger sense of center and ability to connect with my tour mates? All questions I am pondering.

It is only day 3 of the "official" training week (although I have been in Fredericton for 6 days) but it feels like we have been here for weeks, which is characteristic of most intense experiences. I am trying to take it day by day, embracing the silly times and conversations but also finding places and time to be with me and reflect and listen to my body and self.

(Aside: there are chick monks going crazy behind me right now that I hope do not attack me...I am sitting in the woods.)

I am really excited for our team, there seems to be a lot of openness, creativity, and passion. I hope that I am able to keep true to myself without being a leader. I find it challenging to draw the line that divides where I am stepping up because of simply my nature and who I am vs because I planned the tour and am a tour liaison. Something that has seemed to work is that by  sharing the route pages (where we are going, distance biked each day, etc.) with the whole team prior to training week starting tour members have been able to check out where we are going on their own and have been commenting on stuff that they have found out for them selves rather then always asking me!

Thats all the reflection I have for you now! Bike safe and wear those reflective vests!!

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