Thursday, May 24, 2012

My face is exploding with exhaustion as a plunder around this morning. Today is my food crews day to make breakfast. We made dinner last night and lunch for today too. As a result I feel as though I havn't got to sit down in 24hr let alone sleep. It has been go go go. Perform, then run around to all the local health food stores in Moncton to get donations and ethically sourced food, and then of course cook. AND on top of this we have all of our regular tour responsibilities, so needless to say, I am a little zonked. This 15 min that I have found to write this post (at 7:30am) just shows how crazy our lives are right now.

To ADD to this, I am fairly grumpy right now, and utterly sorry for this, but when sleep becomes elusive I think I get upset because I just want to rest and not play games. But anyways.

With all of that said, it is great to be cycling with the Otesha team. Last night during our daily check-in, every person expressed their challenges with being super exhausted, so I am not alone. However I also expressed to the team how its the little things that are awesome. Writing chalk messages on the road (even though none of my other team members saw it...booo), eating lunch in a car wash since that was the only shelter we could find from the rain, having awkward conversations with people in health food stores, swapping clothes, laughing at how ridiculous each of us looks, its all part and parcel of the experience and I love it! Without these little things life would be so boring. The hardest part sometimes is to leave space for these little things to grow and frolic.

Ok, I better go do my back exercises before we head on the road. Thanks for listening.

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