Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beyond the Otesha Glory

Sorry its been so long, as those of you that cycle tour know, when your on your bike its hard to find time for anything else! So I will give you a quick re-cap!

After Otesha my two friends from Otesha: the lovely Hannah and Kayla decided to continue on to Portland! So back on our bikes we went and...BAM in five days we were in Portland! But lets rewind, along the way we had quite the life!

In St. Angeles, Washington we discovered, based on a vendor at a farmers market, a cafes birthday celebration where we almost got drunk off of cider sampling! Yum! The we continued on along leaf covered paths to our first camping location!

The next day, we left not so bright and early towards Olympia. We ran into a dude who gave us a 30 min schpeal about how there was going to be crazy assassinations in USA soon...yikes! Then another guy who wanted us to befriend him on facebook...random! Then some really nice cyclist out for a day ride, and we visited a farm to buy some veggies from their farm stand and the lady ended up letting us stay there to eat our lunch and gave us AMAZING homemade pesto and banana bread! THANK YOU!!! Arrive at campsite number two. Only ones there camping...

The next day we..biked...biked...biked...and arrived in Olympia. On our way into Olympia we discovered the Blue Herring bakery which we entered and loved...the obsession of bakeries (and food in general) would soon become a theme! Then we visited the food co-op, AMAZING! And then later that day we arrived at our first warm showers host's house! Chris was our host and he, his roommates, and his girlfriend were really awesome! It was an amazing night full of good food, conversations, and laughter! You can see Chris with the three of us in the picture below before we head out the next day!

The next day Chris road out with us to the edge of Olympia and then we were set free! That night we spent at a campsite which was actually closed, which, we would learn why the next morning as we woke with frost on the ground! COLD! However, we stayed at the grounds and got water from a neighbouring house to cook our staple dinner of...lentils and rice! Yum!

Next morning...COLD! Luckily there was a cafe in the town nearby that we went to and warmed up in! Then off we went on our bikes to arrive in Longview at our second WarmShowers host, the Freeces. Another wonderful experience full of conversation, good food, and perhaps a bit too much Halloween candy! Sugar overload!

Now, onto our fifth day, we arrived, after a long day of biking in Portland, at Ken's house (our third Warm Showers host). Another great host who let us crash at his place for several days as we explored Portland. I want to tell you all about Portland too, but my fingers are tired, so I will do that in my next post! Sorry for the lack of posts, I will try to make up for it!

p.s. below is me savagely eating a vegan-peanut butter-oreo doughnut from VooDoo Doughnuts in Portland...YUM!

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