Thursday, November 17, 2011

Still in portland

Don't get me wrong, I love Portland, but it starting to ware on me, being here as a bum, with no friends, no community, no job, no... But I do what I can!

I went for a run this morning, and it was glorious! I have really been missing running, but this week I have already gone on two, and its been so nice. For those of you that know me, I love running...don't give me those crazy eyes! I swear I am not crazy! Anyways, so running was great, and then I decided to head to the pearl district. I was hoping to hit some free independent galleries, however, that didn't really happen. I thought it would be like Queen St. in Toronto where you can just pop in and out of lots of little galleries...nope!

Instead it rained on and off all day (Oh Portland) leading to my currently crazy wet socks and really gross smelling bike gloves. I popped into a cafe to warm-up and felt like I had entered the movie "Gossip Girls". Everyone in the cafe looked like they had just jumped out of a fashion magazine and were drinking skinny lates and eating salads and talking about how the new boots they just bought were such a deal...only $1000! I forget that people live like this, I don't understand it, probably about as much as they don't understand how I live. We should talk, but would they be open to that?

So, I spent the day walking with Bessy, and with practice, I learned to walk with her holding the seat! To those of you that don't bike a lot, you may be thinking..."so what?!", but those bikers out there know how challenging this can be, so please join me in my excitment!

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