Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello Vancouver!

I am not going to lie, this past week has been a challenge. It is always a gamble opening yourself up to help strangers. As a guest into someone else's home you have to take what you get. Sometimes that get can be filled with tensions and power trips that you, as a guest, have to be present to without getting tangled up and involved in. This can be stressful, and a toxic environmental, yet it can also be a learning experience. Being on the other side of toxicity can help you put it in perspective when you are faced with moments when you want to be a real scrooge to others. Anyways, this is what I faced on the farm. I learned a lot, and enjoyed spending time with the family over thanksgiving (American that is) and other times, but it was definitely a challenge.

First dehydrating experience...wont be the last :)

Yeah to Vancouver! Now in Van, and with my bike fixed (Took it to Our Community Bikes yesterday and it was the easiest fix, 30 minutes later Bessy is cruisin the streets), I was able to ride high. Yesterday was overcast and drizzle, but today is glorious out there! So don't wait up, I am going to hit the parks, the art, the food, and cruise! I have also started spreading bike love, little cards of appreciation for bikers, so if you got one, I thought you rocked! And if you want, say why you bike here in the comments, I would love your feedback!

OK, I'm out, tomorrow I am leaving Vancouver for Victoria, it turns out it will be a fairly long biking day, 80 km, I hope my legs still know how to do that kinda distance!

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