Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh Crap, I'm not suppose to buy anything new!

As many of you know, myself and my friend Kayla are challenging ourselves to buy nothing new for a year...however both of us have already had to break this challenge!

Before heading south on our bikes, I needed to get bike lights, since someone had stolen mine (I hope they use them!). So seeing no opportunity to get used ones, I had to purchase some, although I did get rechargable ones. If anyone has ideas how this could have been avoided, please let me know! Also, Kayla's helmet broke, so she had to buy a new one as well...we decided both of these purchases fall under the exception "safety first".

However, I also broke down the other day and bought some stickers...they are really cool! They promote veganism in a really cute way! But yes, they are new. Also, I was wondering, if you get something for free (i.e. stickers a store is giving away for free) does that count as getting something new too??

And, although we did not include food, I still feel challenged by the amount of packaging that the food industry (can you call it an industry?) produces! Just walk into Trader Joes (which I frequent for free samples) and you will see aisles and aisles of packages...and this is often the case in many other grocery stores. Anyways, just some stuff to think about.

Why do shiny new things make us feel good? If we actually thought about the bigger picture of what all of these new things are doing to the world, would they still make us feel good?

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