Monday, November 14, 2011

Library and Biking

Yeah, you read right, me and the Portland libraries have become tight yo. With masters funding applications, people to connect with, and blogs to update, I am always in need on internetting time, and I don't have a computer! AHHH, whats a girl to do?! Insert libraries here!

I hang at the libraries, typing with lighting speed and hanging out with the other library bums. Yes, its funny how we all congregate at the library. A lot of the people that I see here you can tell are homeless, which my journey, jumping from house to house, not always knowing where I will be sleeping the next night, has given me a superficial taste of what being homeless must be like! Its Stressful! And I dont even have to worry about food. But anyways, today I almost didn't come to library, but I decided y'all deserved an update.

Today I spent, as I do most days, a good chunk of the day with Bessy (my bike for those of you that have not been introduced to her). We cruised the east side of Portland, and visited an urban education farm called Zieger's farm. it was pretty rad. I wish I could have helped out during the work party on friday but I was not here, and wont be here this friday either. Why not? Because I am heading to my next location: a farm just outside of Mt. Vernon, WA. More on that later though.

Back to today, it started off foggy and cold but by some stroke of luck it cleared up as soon as Bessy and I got to the farm. So we spent a lovely time wantering the area, eating my lunch under an old willow tree and just enjoying the sunshine. Unfortunately Bessy was locked up to a bike rack (although she had a friend there...rairly is Bessy ever alone in Portland, she's spoiled here) during my time on the farm, so I took her out for a ride after. We cruised the city, came across other cyclists (surprise, surprise) and then came to the library! So it was good times.

I have been thinking about why Portland is so rad to cycle in and the reason is, as a cyclist (and I am sure Bessy would agree) I feel respected. There is infastructure in place that respects both cars and BIKES as vehicles that deserve to be on the road, and others (including car drivers) respect that. A little respect goes a long way. Thanks Portland, OR!

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